Saturday, 24 October 2009

OH... MY... GOD!!!

Well, we finally got a quote from The Farnborough VW Centre for the work to be done on Loki. It's a lot, as in a big number, much bigger than we anticipated. Still within our budget... just, but it doesn't leave us with much with which to buy the not so essential items we wanted (like a reversing camera hooked up to an in car computer, or an awning etc).

At the end of the it is still worth doing as having the underside of the camper almost completely rebuilt will increase its value substantially, but we're not in to make money, we're in it to have fun.

Personally I'm inclined to let Andy from Farnborough VW get on with it as he has done work on Loki in the past and he is very good. Lydia, however, thinks we should get more quotes. We'll have to see who gets to brow-beat the other into submission!